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we are a 10 piece mariachi cover band, based in london, unlike anything you've ever seen, who play raucous renditions of absolute bangers with unbelievable passion, questionable skill and absolute ridiculousness

"Mariachi El Pinche Gringo will blow your mind. They blew their own years ago with tequila and the constant repetition of eighties synth pop classics, and their raucous mariachi stylings have now come to resemble a rowdy mix of the two. If you like your music dumb and your men in questionable leggings,  track down this bunch of idiots as they cut a swathe of ridiculousness through life. ¡#**@?#!"


if you'd like us to come party with you, get in touch via email, phone or facebook
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The pinche gringos

  • we will play pretty much anything and anywhere - we've played festivals, weddings, house parties, hen dos, birthday parties, day of the dead parties, cinco de mayo parties, new years' eve parties, xmas shows, charity shows , corporate functions etc.

  • we're based in london but have partied from greece to ireland, from edinburgh to bristol and many other places in between. ¡we've even played middlesbrough!

  • we can play with between 5 to 10 of us, and we have enough absolute bangers to play 2 x 45 min shows if necessary.

  • we also have an amazingly excellent xmas setlist which is guaranteed to bring you xmas party joy


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