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A few quotes and feedback from shows 

'Do you guys practice?'

'That was better than the whole of glastonbury'

to the accordion player at sgp 'do you know these guys or did you just turn up?'

'you're banned' stage guy at bestival

from a dutch lady 'Everyone in the band was like a dutch band except for the lead singer with his excellent spanish accent'

'you guys are crazy, i hope i never see you again' stage guy at bestival

'those guys were really annoying for the whole weekend' overheard at bestival

'You lot SMASHED IT' Jilly MacBale from EMI Records

'Have you guys played together before?' bristol person

'do you only play once a year?' Bristol person

'So after you guys, will there be a real band on?' Sound guy at The George Tavern

'I had great fun' a radio 1 stand in DJ seeing us at New Years

'if i was deaf it would be brilliant, great visually' bristol person

'My wife said if i give you 150 quid will you flash your package for her' to wheezy from Boro man

'I've got a friend who's deaf, is it Bobby?'

Wheezy's aunt 'They're like popstars, i kept wanting to touch his {Diva's} trousers'

'Maybe the lead singer should sing less'

'That was better than Bjork'

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